09.19 2015


Seoul Bam!
The Korean electronic scene in the spotlight with a float at the Parade and the Seoul Bam!

After Vietnam in 2014, the 2015 edition of the Techno Parade on September 19 will host Korea as its guest country.
K-pop as personified by Psy and Gangnam Style has been a huge success in France, but Seoul Bam!, hosted by artists from Seoul’s thriving electronic scene will show to the French audience another very different face of Korean music.
​The festivities will continue until September 26th in Paris & Lille.

Seoul Bam! events are organised as part of France-Korea Year 2015-2016  //


Sept 19th - Technoparade / 1.00pm - 6.00pm (free)
SOOLEE (Seoul) + MUSHXXX (Seoul) + GRACE KIM (Paris)

Sept 19th - Electronic Natons : Asia @ Grand Rivage - Paris Electronic Week opening / 9.30pm - 02.00am (free)
SOOLEE (Seoul) + MUSHXXX (Seoul) + GRACE KIM (Paris)

Sept 23rd - Le Mellotron / 9.00pm - 11.30pm (free)
MUSHXXX (Seoul) + 

Sept 24th - Electronic Natons : Asia @ Concrete - Paris Electronic Week opening / 5.00pm - 02.00am (free)

Roundtable, workshop ableton and Woodfloor Party
SOOLEE (Seoul)

Sept 25th - Street Food Temple Festival - Special Korea @ Carreau du Temple / 7.30pm - 00.00pm (free)
IDIOTAPE live (SEOUL) + MUSHXXX (Seoul) + DGURU (Seoul)

Sept 26th - Lille3000 @ Lille / 9.00pm - 02.00pm (free)

IDIOTAPE live (SEOUL) + MUSHXXX (Seoul) + SOOLEE (Seoul)

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