College, from his real name David Grellier, is a French electronic music composer born in 1979 in Nantes. 
At the end of the 90s, he purchased his first computer, with which he realized numerous demos influenced by artists such as Jeff Mills, Aphex Twin and labels such as Soma Records, Peacefrog or still Warp. In April 2007, he decided to create a blog to share their most recent productions: the Valerie project was born. Other artists such as Anoraak, The Outrunners or Maethelvin would soon join the blog. His first Ep Teenage Color was released that same year and allowed him to meet the German illustrator Alexander Burkart.
A collaboration started then with the latter for all the flyers related to the Valerie Parties, as well as all the records and projects which are associated to them. An identity and a musical movement evoking a kind of nostalgia from the 80s arose and the international press started to notice the productions associated with Valerie. In 2009, while his first album entitled Secret Diary was being released, College toured with Anoraak all through the biggest capitals in Europe, and Australia. College also collaborated closely with the Canadian duet Electric Youth, who participated to the Ep A Real Hero, released on the Belgian label Flexx Records and selected in 2011 as the main theme for the movie DRIVE by Nicolas Winding Refn (Best Director Cannes Festival 2011)

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